How to install wordpress on a computer

How to Install WordPress on a Computer?

How to install WordPress on a computer? But why does one need to? There are many reasons that one would want to install WordPress on their computer. For instance, there are many countries in the world that get a very limited amount of internet. Everyone is not as lucky as Kiwis who get 1 Gbps of download for a residential connection. Not just that, we even award name towns after those speeds like GigaTown. Other reasons include development and testing WordPress themes and plugins etc. In this post we will discover the options for Windows and Mac OS and do a step by step instructions on how to install WordPress on a computer.

We also have article on How to install WordPress using Softaculous and FTP.

Both for Windows and Mac there are few web development environments available for download on the internet but I will be discussing only two of them.

WAMP for Windows

WAMP is wonderful that is very easy to setup on a Windows computer. It provides you all the tools you need to have your own Windows based web server. WAMP stands for Windows (your operating system), Apache (server), MySQL (database) and PHP (script) and that is all you need to setup a web server.

  •  How to Install WordPress on Windows using WAMP- Step by step guide

MAMP for Mac

MAMP is another software that allows you setup web server environment on your Mac. It previously used to stand for Macintosh Apache MySQL PHP but recently it has been renamed to My Apache MySQL PHP as it now supports both Windows and Mac. I have never installed it personally as I have always been a windows person but recently I purchased a Macbook so I will update this as soon as I can. Stay tuned.

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