How to Install WordPress Using FTP? (cPanel)

A step by step guide on how to install WordPress using FTP on a cPanel.
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How to install WordPress using FTP in cPanel? Most of the web hosts provide auto installers like Softaculous (see How to install WordPress using Softaculous?) in your hosting cPanel to install WordPress with few clicks.

However, some web host may not and in that case you can follow our step by step instructions on how to install WordPress using FTP?

Manual installation, it may sound like a mission but in this it is not. Installing WordPress using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a piece of cake and takes only few minutes.

It is as simple as using an auto installer just with few extra steps. See my easy as step by step guide.

Table of Content

Step by Step Guide

First of all, we need to download the softwares that we will be needing to install WordPress using FTP. We will need latest version of WordPress which you can download from by clicking here.

To upload the files via FTP you will need a FTP client. I personally prefer Filezilla which a popular free FTP client but you can search the internet to find the one..

Unzip the folder you just download from

If you want to install your WordPress on main domain – then upload the files to folder called /public_html/.

You can upload the files to a directory, for instance, /public_html/blog/ if you want your WordPress side load when visitors go to

Now that our WordPress files are on our web host server it is time to get prepare for the installation.


First of all, we have to create a database for WordPress installation. To do this, go to your hosting cPanel and locate and click mySQL Database.

You will be then asked to provide a name for your database. Have something that will make it easy to recognise. Then click Create Database.

Sweet, the database is sorted. Now, we will need database user credentials for WordPress to make changes to the database like add new articles, add the new pages to database when you create them. All that fancy stuff that we don’t get to see.

To create a new user go back to same Create Database page and scroll down until you see My SQL users -> Add a new user. Enter details and click Create a User.

Choice, user is created now lets give this user some access so that WordPress use it make changes to the database as needed. To give access, we are still on the same page just underneath mySQL users you will see the option to add a user to a database. Select the user and database you just created and click Add.

Now that user is added to the database we need to grant the user all the privliges that will enable it to make changes. To do that, check all the boxes and click Make Changes.

Installation via Browser

Kapai, we are almost there. Now, we simply need to go to our website url i.e in a browser which will run the WordPress installer. If you don’t see the following steps after entering your website url then double check the steps above to make sure if you have not missed anything. Otherwise, you should be redirected to setup config page.

You will be asked to select your language. Select one and click Continue.

Then you will see important stuff, read carefully it can save a lot of time. You will now be asked to enter database details we created earlier. Click, Lets go.

Enter the details then click Submit.

You should see a confirmation saying that WordPress can now communicate with database. Otherwise, check the steps above and make sure you haven’t missed anything. Then Run the Installation.

Then you should see Kia Ora from WordPress. Enter the website details then click Install WordPress

Then Success.

And this was How to Install WordPress using FTP? I hope it helps if you have any question please ask me in the comment below.

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