How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on Runcloud free plan?

how to install ssl on runcloud free plan

Runcloud is a great control panel to manage cloud servers. As good things cost, there is a cost if you want to use all features.

The free plan doesn’t include one-click SSL installation on your apps and for that, you will have to upgrade to the basic plan which costs $8 USD per month.

This article will provide step-by-step instructions to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on runcloud free plan.

This should work on all VPS servers.

1. First install the PIP package manager for Python packages.

apt install python-pip

2. Then install the package

pip install rcssl

3. To install SSL on your website/app, find the name. You can do that by going to your runcloud account > Server > Web Applications > Web Application Name (the web app name is different from the domain name).

rcssl -i yourappname

If you would like to install it on all apps

rcssl -i all

You can use the autopilot feature to automatically install SSL on any new app you install.

rcssl -a enable

To read more see the GitHub profile below.

The script is created by Rehmat on Github. You can buy him a coffee here.

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