How to Install SSL on your WordPress on a Vultr server?

how to install ssl on vultr

Vultr is one of the founding members of Let’s Encrypt free SSL. So it is very simple to install one on your WordPress website when using a Vultr cloud server.

Note: You must point your domain name to Vultr before you can install an SSL certificate.

To install SSL follow these steps

1. Login to your Vultr account

  • Login to Vultr account
  • Products > Click on your server > Then find the Control Panel login details or in a new tab type your IP address followed by :9090
  • Login with root and password provided

2. Go to Terminal

  • From left hand pane click on Terminal
  • Type the command
  • Hit enter and follow the instructions
  1. Enter your email address. This is used to send you emails about your SSL certificate
  2. Read the terms and conditions and agree to them by typing letter A
  3. Next it will ask if you want to sign up for newsletter. Type Y or N
  4. Then enter your domain name (there should be none). Enter both with and without www. i.e separated with a space or comma
  5. Then it will ask if you want to redirect all http to https. Choose the second option. Select appropriate option and hit enter
  6. Then it should give you a message. Congratulation! and details where the files have been saved.

All done, your website has now an SSL certificate.

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