What is AliDropship plugin? A detailed review 2020

Dropshipping can be a great source of income but is a very hard work. This tool takes the hard work out of it.
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AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that makes dropshipping easy as!

Humans are lazy and we look for things that benefit us without doing much. This laziness has introduced a craze called, passive income. Most of us are familiar with this concept so I will leave ‘passive income’ here.

To have a ‘passive income’ some people came up with dropshipping. Dropshipping is when you become the middle man. You don’t own a product, don’t have a warehouse, don’t have to worry about inventory – and do the hard work.

You find a business that does all the hard work and you get their products in front of thousands of people by adding a markup.

The business manages the usual i.e shipping, storage, inventory etc. The business’ sales go through the roof and you make some extra cash. This is called dropshipping.

alidropship dropshipping


Alidropship plugin has the same idea behind it. You make great profits without doing much. This plugin opens a whole new world to you and millions of your potential customers.

Alidropship connects your WordPress WooCommerce store to AliExpress. If you don’t know what AliExpress is – worry not, that is why this plugin is so successful.

AliExpress is Chinese equivalent of Amazon where you can buy almost anything, for as cheap as few cents. They’ve over 100 million products for sale so you can imagine how big the store is.

AliExpress is part of Alibaba Group which has many multi-billion dollar business under its umbrella. For instance, Alipay the Chinese equivalent of Paypal, Alibaba Cloud offering Cloud computing. They are also in real estate, films and many more.

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What makes dropshipping difficult?

Dropshipping is not as easy as it sounds – personal experience. It can be very hard work and time consuming if you do not have the right tools. Here are some of the things one must do to run a dropshipping store.

  1. Make a website
  2. Find products that will sell
  3. Make sure the shipping is possible and reliable
  4. Add those products to your store
  5. Edit product details such as name, description etc
  6. Make sure the right variations are added to your store
  7. Edit or create photos and videos
  8. Make sure the price and stock is updated regularly
  9. Fulfill the orders, process and track
  10. Your customers are kept up to date with their orders
  11. Social media is updated
  12. Make sure you keep yourself up to date with your business

Scary right? It is very scary and hard work business model. It also pays off very well, up to 1000% profits.

Again, right tools can make your drop shipping life very easy. The purpose of this plugin is to make dropshipping easy and efficient. To most extend it does achieve it.

alidropship dropshipping plugin

What is AliDropship?

Alidropship plugin automates most of the task of the dropshipping store. There is not usually one product in ecommerce stores. There are hundreds of them. Imagine typing (or even copy and paste) all the titles, descriptions, pictures etc for hundreds of products. That would take month after month.

Now, this plugin aims to get rid of the hard and time consuming work. One click to add products, one click to order the products. Find the products with best shipping offers and top rated sellers.

In short, it does all of the hard work making your ‘passive income’ craze much stronger. It only costs a one time payment of $89 USD ($140 NZD). If your dropshipping website is successful you can get that money back in few hours.

A glance over the dropshipping features

This plugin makes starting a dropshipping store very easy – well, at least the store management part of it. Following are the features and how they help.

Plugin Settings & Options

There are tons of options in the plugin which you can play around to familiarise yourself. In this article only some important settings have been discussed.


Connects your Google Analytics account to Alidropship. Also provides details about the products in the store. Such as, out of stock etc.

Import Option

The most difficult part of starting a successful dropshipping business is knowing what people buy? This option takes that struggle out of the way. They give you a list of most popular products on AliExpress.

This section provides you the details i.e how many have been sold? What is the price, category and shipping details. You click import and viola it is added to your store.

Pretty awesome thing if you ask someone who has spent days searching for a product. However, the plugin comes with free 50 Imports. If you want to add more to your store it will cost you.

dropshipping list

General Settings

These are pretty self explanatory. Depending on your store you can change the settings.


This is the most important part of the plugin. You get to set the markup on the products original price. They have recommended options which is alright but some cases that can be very high.

Very easy to understand pricing system. For instance, you go if any product on AliExpress is between $1 and $2 make it $7. Then does the magic. All products that cost $1-$2 on AliExpress will be listed with the price of $7.

Alidropship pricing

You can set a currency switcher which will convert the prices to local currency from your currency. If you will be selling in New Zealand than you won’t need and usually selling in USD around the globe is the best option.

Updates section automatically updates the stock, price and variation of the products. Great to keep it on.

Attributes section should remain off if you are using a WordPress theme to keep your design consistent.

You can also export the settings from one store to another using the export option.

Product Reviews

Social proof plays a vital role in selling. People see other people buy they buy as well. They have a great option to import reviews of the products as well. Actual reviews that were posted on AliExpress.

It is not that you will creating fake reviews, technically they are real reviews from real people. You can import images of products other customers have shared as well as the reviews. The reviews is automatically translated into English (not great translation) and you can import English only reviews.

buy alidropship

Product Image Customisation

The plugin has a builtin option to edit images on the fly. You see a writing, hide it with tools provided in the plugin. Don’t like the size of the image? Crop it to fit your design.

Dropshipping tracking orders

They have two ways to track the orders. First through the main menu which list all the orders with details i.e customer, Aliexpress order #, tracking number and status.

The same can be seen via Woocommerce order page.

To see where a parcel is just click on the tracking number and it will fetch the details from AliExpress to your website. This is an amazing feature.

Adding Products for Dropshipping

Previously, one had to go to AliExpress to find the product. Create a new product in WooCommerce then copy and paste the details. One product would take at least 20 minutes.

This plugin connects with its Chrome extension which makes adding a product to store, a matter of a click.

When you select a product you can review the product before adding it to your store. A very helpful graph on the left tells you about the product as well. When you are happy with the details hit ‘Publish’ and it will be added to your store.

If I had to write how to add products to your dropshipping store few years back. I would have had to write tens of pages. With this plugin, not even a section of this article.

AliDropship Chrome Extension

Their Google Chrome Extension does all the magic of adding products to your store easy. Download, install and start importing products. It is as easy as it sound. Read more about their extension here.

At the time of writing this review there were over 50,000 active installs of the Chrome extension.

AliDropship Plugin Pricing

The AliDropship pricing is one time price. It is great because you pay $89 USD ($140 NZD) and you get a plugin with life time support. You will get regular updates and if you have any issue reach out to their live chat support, for life.

They also offer 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Which makes it easy to try it for few days and if you can’t get hold of it refund it.

alidropship plugin review

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