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Google Tag Manager, aka GTM, is a great free tool by Google to deploy code snippets to websites and apps. This includes tracking of
WordPress not sending emails? This article will show how to fix WordPress not sending email issue. You have put some forms on your website.
Runcloud is a great control panel to manage cloud servers. As good things cost, there is a cost if you want to use all
AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that makes dropshipping easy as! Humans are lazy and we look for things that benefit us without doing much.
How to get a free business email is one of the most common questions asked when starting a new business/website. Imagine this yourbusinessname@gmail.com vs
Vultr is one of the founding members of Let’s Encrypt free SSL. So it is very simple to install one on your WordPress website
When you install a WordPress app on Vultr server it automatically adds another layer of security. This is a login prompt by Vultr when
Now that you have created a new cloud server on Vultr, it is time to configure your DNS. In simple words, this will connect
Vultr offers amazingly fast and affordable virtual private servers (VPS). They’ve sixteen (16) locations through out the world. Meaning, you can host your website
Ever wondered how to start a blog? You are not alone, a few people do. Blogging is an excellent way to let the world
Shortpixel optimises images to help your website load faster. Imagine, waiting for a website to load. It is 2020, 5G mobile technology, ultra fast
Let’s start with saying Cloudways is the easy button. There were days when having a Cloud/Virtual Private Server (VPS) was far from reality. It
Domain name is like your address on the internet. There are billions of websites in the world wide web and you need an address
Website is created, now what? You need a place on the internet. A place that will allow people to see the beauty you have
The acronym MAMP previously referred to Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Recently it has been renamed to My Apache MySQL PHP as it now
How to install WordPress on a computer? But why does one need to? There are many reasons that one would want to install WordPress
What is WAMP? A short answer, it is a free software that allows users to create a web server environment on windows computer. This
How to install WordPress? is probably one of the easiest questions to answer when it comes WordPress Q and As. WordPress is the most popular
How to install WordPress using FTP in cPanel? Most of the web hosts provide auto installers like Softaculous (see How to install WordPress using
How to install WordPress using Softaculous? WordPress is the most popular free website creation tool on the internet. One of the reasons for its
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