Month: March 2018

how to install wordpress on Mac using mamp what is mamp

What is MAMP?

The acronym MAMP previously referred to Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP but recently it has been renamed to My Apache MySQL PHP as it now support both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is easy to install software that create a web server environment on your local machine. You can download it here. I will …

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What is WAMP?

What is WAMP? A short answer, it is a free software that allows users to create a web server environment on windows computer. This enables you to install WordPress or other websites. We also have a step by step article about How to install WordPress on Windows. WAMP is acronym for Windows, Apache, MySQL and …

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what is wordpress

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? WP is an opensource website content management system (CMS) that officially started in 2003. WP is an amazing free website creation tool for everyone to use regardless you are building a personal  blog or a corporate website. You may not believe but it is 30% of the whole internet, that is like millions …

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